Prime Punk Presents - the inception
music from punk's shelter
save your nozzle! the future is almost here!
Punk Tech! follow to music of the future
Prime Punk is the techno-live artist with his firm рunk/tech sound

The essence of a 10-year musical experience of the electronic dance music at various genres.

Digital future merges past into a new vibration— it’s punk tech sound!
Founder of the Punkland Digital label.

Resident of the Interplay Records label (TOP 30 Labels in 2021).

Winner in the nomination "best Hard Dance project" according to the Russian Hardstyle Awardz in 2011 and 2012.
In the beginning there was music
Then, the vibration turned into a Dance
Next, the dance revived the Energy
its habitat
The energy connected with the music and began to grow through the dance, penetrating into new dimensions. The digital future poses a challenge, melting the past into a new vibration – this is the sound of punk tech! And in this sound, Prime Punk has no equal yet, because he is the first who dared to experiment.